Shipping & returns


To return an item you ordered:

1.     Go to Your Orders to display your recent orders. To return a gift, see Return a Gift.

2.     Choose the order and select Return or Replace Items.

3.     Select the item you want to return and select an option from the Reason for return menu.

4.     Choose how to process your return. If applicable, select to issue a refund or replacement. For items sold from an Jaju seller, you will see Submit
return request
. The Jaju seller reviews return requests before issuing a refund or replacement.

5.     Select your preferred return method.

6.     Print your return label and return authorization. Tip: Each return label is assigned to a specific return. To make sure that you receive the correct refund, do not include items from multiple orders or shipments in the same box.

7.     Pack your item securely, following the instructions sent to you when you requested your return. Please note that you will see several printouts, all of which are necessary for a return:

·       Please place the barcode in the package.

·       Attach the address label and one of the commercial invoices (“International Customer Return”) to the outside of the package.

·       Provide the second copy of the commercial invoice to the carrier.

You can view the status of a return or a refund in Your Orders by selecting View Return/Refund Status next to the relevant order.

Note: Before returning items on which you have saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices, erase this information completely